ClimaCell Get Weather Map Layer Ts Z X Y .png

ClimaCell - Get Weather Map Layer Ts Z X Y .png

## Weather Map Layer (Visual Tiles) The ```weather_map``` is a tiled image call compatible with most modern mapping UI libraries: * OpenLayers (see ??? * Leaflets * MapBox * Google Maps The call displays a precipitation heatmap on your existing geography user interface. You can overlay an actual precipitation layer. In the future, Climacell will support other weather parameter overlays. The tile grid is composed of 256x256 pixel tiles with (x,y) coordinates, where (0,0) is at thenorthwest corner of the map. x increase as the map goes east, and y increases as it goes south. ![tiile layer|150x150](/api-docs/custom/tile_layer.png) Note: For more information about Tiling, please visit

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ClimaCell provides the most accurate weather data in the world by integrating proprietary data extracted from wireless networks and other new sensing technologies with data from traditional sensors. With 90% correlation to ground truth (vs. 50% using radar), it’s the best you can get for your enterprise.

Curl command through

curl -v "{ts}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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